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Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck or abdominal reduction is a procedure in cosmetic surgery for improving abdominal contour and shape. With this technique, excess fat and skin from middle and lower abdomen is removed to improve its contour. In most of the cases, the abdominal muscles are tightened at the same time to improve abdominal firmness and help reducing abdominal bulge due to lack of muscle tone. This procedure produces a flatter tummy with more youthful look either taking away all of visible stretch marks or reducing their visibility.



In this process, the surplus fat and skin between the pubic area and navel is removed, leaving the navel intact. Subsequently, the abdominal wall skin at the level of belly button is pulled down at the level of pubis, and muscle tightening if needed, is carried out at the same time. Liposuction is often carried out to refine the abdominal sculpture transition zones.


The procedure involves removal of surplus skin beneath the umbilicus, leaving a scar at the pubic hair level of the lower abdomen. Liposuction and repair of abdominal wall laxity or hernia is carried out at the same time if required.


This process includes standard abdominoplasty and an additional lateral thigh lift by removing excessive skin and fat of the loins, providing a threefold advantage comprising of a complete abdominoplasty, improving flank and contour of the upper lateral thigh. The resultant scar spreads around the waist to the lower back.


An advancement of the mini-abdominoplasty, ‘apronectomy’ is suitable for patients with exceedingly superfluous fat and skin that hangs over the pubic zone. The unnecessary fat and skin is detached from the body leaving a long, transverse scar.


This technique is used to remove excess tissue in the vertical plane and is suitable for patients who have experienced massive weight loss. It results in an additional midline vertical scar in addition to standard horizontal bikini line scar.


Any person with excessive tummy fat and loose abdominal skin can go for the surgery. A tummy tuck is appropriate for women and men with good health. In women, the condition is often caused by multiple pregnancies leading to skin and muscle weakening resulting in stretch marks and abdominal bulge. A tummy tuck helps them to get rid of unwanted loose skin and fat, making the abdominal contour appear more firm, attractive and youthful. The surgical treatment is also an alternative for both men and women who have lost weight after a period of obesity and are subsequently suffering from skin laxity and high fat deposits in the abdominal region.


One to three days of hospitalisation may be necessary. Salt solution transfusions will be given to replenish the fluid content in your body and drainage tubes will be inserted into the lower abdomen for draining serum and blood. Moderate to severe pain may occur for which you will be prescribed appropriate pain killers and you’ll need to keep your knees and hips bent to lower the stress on your stitches. You will be provided with an abdominal corset to wear for about 3 weeks to give you additional support and reduce pain during recovery period.


Noticeable scars may persist across the lower abdominal area and around the umbilicus. You may experience temporary numbness in the lower part of the abdominal wall which may persist in some cases. Swelling, bruising and discharge may also occur, however you should be healed within a few weeks.


Skin tightening is usually carried out downwards and doesn’t tighten the waist; vertical removal of skin can be carried out, but is not always appropriate. A fatty protuberance above the incision mark may also remain if liposuction is not carried out during the surgery. To uphold the effects of tummy tuck, weight maintenance and exercise is essential. Pregnancies after the operation will lead to skin stretching again.


Bleeding, haematoma, seroma formation,infection, temporary bruising and swelling, scar related problems, asymmetry, numbness around the scar, skin tags at the scar ends, delayed wound healing of the umbilicus due to necrosis and skin necrosis, persistent dissatisfaction with the appearance.


Avoid taking asprin or anti-inflammatory drugs for 2 weeks before surgery. Stop smoking 6 weeks before surgery.


Operation duration: 2 – 2.5 hours. Anaesthesia: General. Hospital Stay: 1-2 nights. Time offwork: 2-3 weeks. Overall result: visible from 2-6 months.


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Enquiries in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire:
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Enquiries in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire:
Please speak to Mrs Pauline Titley (private secretary) on 077 8069 8989

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