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Breast augmentation or Augmentation Mammoplasty is the surgical positioning of breast implants to enhance breast fullness and projection or to increase their symmetry. The procedure is also known as Breast Enhancement, Breast Enlargement or Boobs Job in lay terms.

This cosmetic technique is used for: Enlargement of small breasts, usually the outcome of a genetic inheritance. Restoration of breast volume lost post-pregnancy, due to breast feeding or weight loss. Correction of asymmetric breasts with moderate to high variation in shape and size.

Breast enlargement has for many years been the UK’s number one most performed cosmetic procedure helping thousands of women to achieve the breasts they have always dreamed of. Mr Javaid’s ultimate aim to perform this surgery is to achieve breasts that feel and look larger, firmer, fuller and more attractive enhancing your self confidence.

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Enlargement of the breasts is carried out by placing implants either under the breast tissue or behind the pectoral muscles (the muscles on which breasts rest). Mr Javaid places the implants behind the breast tissue in most of the cases to get a better redrape of breast over the implant to achieve most natural looking results. Generally, neat incisions are made under the breast or inframammary fold. Alternately, transaxillary incisions in the armpit or periareolar incisions around the areola or nipple may be made, depending on the implant type, extent of enlargement, patient-surgeon preference and anatomy of the patient.


Breast implants comprise of a case or shell covering the inner filling material, which is normally silicone gel or saline (depending on preference). Implants may either be rounded or a natural breast shape (also known as anatomical or tear drop implants) and both are proven to offer excellent results.

Silicone Implants: They are filled with elastic gel that moves and feels like the natural tissues of the breast. Should the implant leak, the gel may remain within the shell or may seep into the implant pocket. They come in anatomical tear drop shape or round shape. Mr Javaid most commonly uses anatomical shaped cohesive gel implants which carry life long manufacturer’s warrently for quality and integrity for patient’s peace of mind and to achieve most attractive breast shape. During consultation size, shape and type of implants will be chosen depending upon your personal preference and findings on detailed consultation to achieve the result you are looking for.

Saline Implants: They are filled with sterilised salt water. The amount of liquid can be adjusted according to the desired size, shape, feel and firmness of the breasts. If the shell of the implant leaks (although not common), the salt water is absorbed and naturally expelled by the body. The natural feel with these implants is not as good as with silicon implants.

Additional options for breast implants may also be available as new styles and types are occasionally introduced by manufacturers.

Based on all the current scientific evidence on large studies, safety of silicone implants is well established and are unlikely to be associated with any ill health effects.


Most of the women recover very well following this one of the most common cosmetic procedure and are ready for discharge after an overnight stay in hospital. Pain, bruising and swelling is experienced immediately after the surgery. Tightness of the chest and restriction in breathing is normal and will stop after a few weeks. The patient is asked to relax in a semi-upright position to reduce swelling and minimise discomfort, and painkillers are prescribed to control the pain. Adequate rest is needed for the body to recover completely. Excessive use of arms and chest may induce bleeding and/or irritation and should be avoided. Hardness of breasts, general discomfort and painful twinges might be experienced following surgery. Swellings and scars will fade over time and it is advisable to wear a special cosmetic surgery support bra for a four to six weeks post-surgery.

Regular activities and exercise should be resumed only after follow up consultation with Mr Javaid.


Results are generally long-lasting. Most women are satisfied and impressed at the way their breasts look after the surgery, which helps to boost their self-confidence. Taking informed decisions and expecting realistic results will ensure satisfaction after the operation. You should be aware that there will be changes to the appearance of breasts as age progresses and that implants will not prevent the breasts from drooping. However, breast uplifts and implant exchange surgeries may be opted for by the women to regain a more youthful and shapelier contour under such conditions with ageing.


A widely accepted cosmetic procedure in UK, breast augmentation has improved the appearance and confidence of many women who are extremely pleased with the results. However, akin to every surgical practice, this technique also carries some risks. As such, it is important to have realistic expectations of the outcomes.

The risks may be: Haematoma, seroma, infection, capsular contracture (6%), implant failure, gel bleed, altered sensations or nipple numbness, asymmetry and scar related problems, persistent dissatisfaction with the appearance.


Operation duration: 1-2 hours. Anaesthesia: General. Hospital Stay: Overnight. Time offwork: 1-2 weeks. Overall result: Visible from 2-6 months.


If you require any further information about Breast Augmentation Surgery or the range of surgical and non surgical treatments provided by Mr Javaid or wish to book a consultation please contact us by completing our enquiry form or by using the following contact details:

Enquiries in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire:
Please speak to Mrs Pauline Titley (private secretary) on 077 8069 8989

Enquiries in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire:
Please speak to Mrs Pauline Titley (private secretary) on 077 8069 8989

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